Peng Zhang


I'm a researcher in computational sciences. Particularly, my research focuses on High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Cloud for biomedical and clinical applications.


I received my Computational Applied Mathematics from Stony Brook University. Prior to that, I received my M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Parallel Computing and Mathematics from Nankai University, China. After Ph.D., I spent several years at Biomedical Engineering from a postdoc to a senior research scientist and completed my career development journal to be a Computational Researcher with state-of-the-art AI-HPC-Cloud technologies for Biomedical and Clinical Applications.

Career Goal & Development

Throughout my career, my interests have always been on the computational science and technology frontier. Moving between academics and industry, I have experienced both the benefits of working with the research labs and the industrial teams; learning the issues arising from practical clinics; the trend of telehealth technologies; and the financial management of keeping a team.

I am genuinely interested in outreach and communicating with experts of different backgrounds to promote scientific research in general and engineering development in particular to the biomedical and clinical industry.

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